The NSW Community Packages program, known as ComPacks, is funded by the NSW Ministry of Health. It provides immediate access to packages of short term (up to six weeks) case management, combined with non-clinical community services. For those people who are eligible, the program will support their discharge home from a participating NSW public hospital and reduce avoidable hospital readmissions.

There are many services to support people at home and a ComPack does not replace these existing services. It is suitable for those patients who have been assessed as requiring this care to get out of hospital.

To enable prompt discharge and reduce unnecessary returns to hospital the ComPack Case Managers need to identify specific issues each person has and develop strategies regarding how to address short term functional difficulties and identify longer term sustainable arrangements.

In many instances the hospital admission has been the result of an accident or exacerbation of a longer term health condition. The negative impact a hospital stay can have on a person’s confidence and physical strength can be significant even after a short stay.

The ComPack provides time to recover physically and psychologically so that the person can regain function without creating an ongoing dependency on services.

As such the ComPacks client group is well suited to the Wellness Approach used by Silver Chain and many other community services. It simply means that we will work with each patient and their family where appropriate to identify specific issues they have with activities and work together to find solutions.

In some instances this means working with people to complete domestic chores, help with personal care or link in with their local community. As it is beneficial for people to continue to do as much as they are physically able we work with the client rather than just do things for them.

Using a wellness approach to assessment and planning results in detailed support plans. This means that the ComPacks participant and their families, as well as the home support workers, are clear regarding the roles and responsibilities during the package and the promotion of independence is supported.

While the approach encourages people to do as much for themselves as possible, building on their skills and abilities in order to improve their social, emotional and physical functioning, they will continue to be assisted with the tasks they are unable to do. We will assist clients to develop goals aimed at reducing services as their abilities and confidence grow and monitor progress against these goals throughout the program.