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Our promise to you

At Access Care Network Australia (ACNA), we will get to know your story and your goals to help you live confidently and independently.

Access Care Network Australia (ACNA) provides a range of services that enable tens of thousands of people every year to live their best lives by supporting their independence through a great assessment process.

Regional Assessment Service (RAS)

We can help you with your My Aged Care assessment for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

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Regional Assessment Services for under 65s

Our Regional Assessment Service (RAS) team provides support to service providers and individuals to assist in accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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Disability Employment Services – National Panel of Assessors

Disability Employment Services (DES) provides a range of independent assessment services to assist with the needs of people with disability to enter or remain in the workplace.

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AN-ACC Project

Kicking off in March 2021, we have an exciting new project in most states of Australia (and the ACT).

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Out of Hospital Care (OHC)

OHC is a six-week program providing you with the best care and support from the comfort of your home. Through a tailored range of community services, OHC incorporates three key care options; ComPacks (Community Packages), Safe and Supported at Home (SASH) and End of Life (EoL).

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