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Client stories

Client stories

Our clients share their stories of how ACNA has assisted them through our services, and the effect this has had on their everyday lives.

Here at Access Care Network Australia, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to provide the best for our clients.

Jenny's story: My recent experience with using HACC services

I recently moved to Perth to be closer to my family, and whilst the move has been great from a personal point of view it has been very difficult from a disability/medical one.

I had to start from the beginning and set everything up again; from modifications in my home, to accessing my community and general day to day living. It was really overwhelming, and I had no idea where to start.

I was referred for an assessment to see what modifications I would need in my home.

My accessor Angie, from Access Care Network Australia came to do the assessment and to discuss my needs/requirements plus to look at the house.

I explained that my main concern was safety in the shower and independence. Our new house had a walk in shower which was great as it meant no steps or doors to worry about, but there was no grab rails which meant I was having to walk in with the support of one person to hold onto plus once I was in the shower there was nothing for me to hold onto apart from the shower tap which didn’t make me feel very safe.

Angie took the time to really understand what my issues and concerns were and how I was struggling to move forward in my daily activities. She helped organise for an Occupational Therapist to come to my home to discuss options for possible grab rails, working out how many I would need and where. The OT then organised the installation of the grab rails and they also suggested a non-slip product to be sprayed onto the shower floor.

I cannot express what a difference just having those grab rails installed in the shower has made. Having a shower is such a routine thing that we do every day and most people often don’t even think about it. But imagine if you couldn’t have a shower without the help of others or if you felt extremely anxious when showering because you didn’t feel safe. It would have a huge impact on your daily life and how you felt. It did for me! But now I can fully access the shower and do it independently and safely. When you have a disability, having one less thing to worry about makes a massive difference.

Angie has been a huge help and support since I first met her. From the moment I met Angie she made me feel at ease. She has a really caring nature and is easy to talk to. She helped me work out what was really important to my current situation; what I needed in place now and what I wanted to work towards in the future.

I now have more control and more independence over my everyday life and Angie has been instrumental in making those changes happen and improving my quality of life for the better.



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