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Reablement is an approach that helps people reach their goals and maximise their independence.

The aim of reablement is to help people adapt to a functional loss, or regain confidence and capacity to resume normal activity.

We identify reablement strategies which are usually delivered in the home, over a fixed period of time. These strategies help by:

  • training people in a new skill, or aiding them to re-learn a lost skill
  • modifying a person’s home environment
  • introducing equipment or assistive technology.

Reablement and wellness

We follow a ‘wellness’ model and incorporate the identification of reablement strategies through our active assessment methodology.

Active assessment allows us to observe our clients carrying out their daily tasks, to identify areas where support is needed.

This methodology was developed, tested, implemented and evaluated with the generous support of WA Health, leading to positive outcomes for both clients and the health system.

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