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Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre

Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre

We can link you to carer support services and help carers to take a break through short-term and emergency respite with peace of mind that the person being cared for is in safe hands.

Our Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre (CRCC) is here to provide advice and referrals to available support services for people who are being cared for and their carer.

You are a carer if you are providing regular and sustained care and assistance to another person. The person receiving care can be any age and background, including: 

  • an older or frail person
  • a person with moderate, severe or profound disability
  • a person experiencing mental illness
  • a person with terminal illness requiring palliative care.

Our aim is to support the carer in their caring role and maintaining the caring relationships by providing:

  • person-centred respite
  • access to free and confidential information on local carer support, disability and community services.

To find out more please call 1800 052 222.

What is respite?

Respite is basically a short-term break from the responsibility of looking after someone else. It can be arranged for planned breaks, short holidays or emergencies.

Types of respite care

We can provide you with information and advice on a range of respite care that best suits your situation, and help you to plan and organise your respite to make sure your loved ones are safe while you are away.

We can also link you with carer support groups and service providers for your own wellbeing and to support you in your caring role.

Emergency respite

We can make arrangements at very short notice to help in emergency or unplanned situations. This might be because the carer has had an accident or had to go into hospital. Options may include any of the following types of respite.

Residential respite

If you are going away for an extended time, we can help the person you care for find a place away from home to stay, and receive assistance to manage everyday tasks. This might be in a nursing home or respite cottage, usually in your local area.

Once you are ready to step back in your caring role, your loved once will return home.

In-home respite

An experienced care worker can come to your home to provide the same assistance as you provide, so you can go out for a few hours. This is available during the day or night, and the care worker will stay until you returns.

Young Carers Program

If your responsibilities as a carer are affecting your schoolwork, you can get support through the Young Carers Program.

Young carers (aged under 18) may be able to access help so they can focus on their schoolwork. Support includes (but is not limited to):

  • educational support such as tutoring, textbooks
  • uniforms
  • support to attend school camp.

“By providing the carer with support and help, it gives the carer the peace of mind knowing that help is available if a crisis were to occur.”

Pegah Kooshesh, Support Manager for the CRCC.

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