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We warmly welcome aged care assessment staff interested in developing or extending the skills required to assess, develop support plans and introduce targeted reablement strategies. 

We provide training to WA Regional Assessment Service (RAS) organisations on the active assessment methodology, which incorporates reablement strategies.  

This training is suitable for participants who are employed as either a RAS assessor or Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) member.

The training includes:

  • the benefits of a reablement approach in promoting wellbeing and supporting independence
  • understanding the importance of optimising physical function and active participation
  • how to use a holistic, active assessment approach
  • understanding the importance of feedback, continual review and assessment
  • identifying evidence based reablement strategies to build community capacity.

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"Thank you again for inviting me to attend the Reablement Training. I found the experience very positive and have a much clearer understanding of the Reablement program which has certainly enhanced my own approach to ACAT assessments."

Christine Gear, ACAT Clinical Nurse

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